Meet the Team

Area Sales Manager in a blue suit and glasses holding a Summus branded digital tablet while smiling at the camera
Our goal is to improve lives, not only through revolutionizing laser therapy, but by ensuring the success of our providers. We are relentlessly focused on developing the most advanced therapeutic lasers that provide a non-surgical solution for clinicians to treat pain, reduce inflammation, and aid healing.

The People Behind Summus

DR. RICHARD ALBRIGHT, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Richard Albright
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Richard Albright is the founder and CEO of Summus Laser. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from International College and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University. For eight years prior to the start of his company, he operated in private practice as a chiropractic physician, however after observing the healing power of progressive therapeutic laser in his own practice, he made the decision to transition into business, becoming a global leader in the development of next generation laser therapy. Since that decision fifteen plus years ago, he’s made it his life’s work to curate the growth of the company that has become Summus Laser, again and again cutting a leading path through the market with innovative new products, services, therapies, and business support.
Pete Cousins, Chief commercial officer
Pete Cousins
Chief Commercial Officer
DR. PHIL HARRINGTON Medical Director, Clinical Manager & Laser Safety OfficerDR. PHIL HARRINGTON Medical Director, Clinical Manager & Laser Safety Officer
Dr. Phil Harrington
Medical Director, Clinical Manager & Laser Safety Officer
DR. DAVID BRADLEY Veterinary DirectorDR. DAVID BRADLEY Veterinary Director
Dr. David Bradley
Veterinary Director
DR. JAMES BRIA Director of OperationsDR. JAMES BRIA Director of Operations
Dr. James Bria
Director of Operations
Mike Palahach, Director of Sales - East US & Canada
Mike Palahach
Director of Sales - East US & Canada
Jamie Lanz, Regional Director - West
Jamie Lanz
Director of Sales - West US
Summus Medical Lasers
Melissa Romero
Director of Marketing
Hannah Kim, Associate Director of Marketing
Hannah Kim
Associate Director of Marketing

Corporate Office

BRITTANIE ALBRIGHT International Sales CoordinatorBRITTANIE ALBRIGHT International Sales Coordinator
Brittanie Albright
International Sales Coordinator
MICHAEL HARRINGTON Product & Program ManagerMICHAEL HARRINGTON Product & Program Manager
Michael Harrington
Product & Program Manager
ERIC MOORE Service Technician Logistics ManagerERIC MOORE Service Technician Logistics Manager
Eric Moore
Service Technician Logistics Manager
JEFF KUTCHER New Laser Prep & WarehouseJEFF KUTCHER New Laser Prep & Warehouse
Jeff Kutcher
New Laser Prep & Warehouse
MARY STANFORD Receptionist & Administrative AssistantMARY STANFORD Receptionist & Administrative Assistant
Mary Stanford
Receptionist & Administrative Assistant
Megan Shertzer
HR Administrator
SHANNON KUTCHER Executive CoordinatorSHANNON KUTCHER Executive Coordinator
Shannon Kutcher
Executive Coordinator

Sales Team

Andrew Trusler
Todd Hamilton
Perry Smith, area sales manager
Perry Smith
Rachel Shamah, area sales manager
Rachel Shamah
Chris Perry, area sales manager
Chris Perry
Morgan Banghart, area sales manager
Morgan Banghart
Joel King, area sales manager
Joel King
John Coleman, area sales manager
John Coleman
Hannah Pugh, area sales manager
Hannah Pugh
Maddie Gerwitz, area sales manager
Maddie Gerwitz
Lesley Clark, area sales manager
Lesley Clark
Breanna Dwyer, area sales manager
Breanna Dwyer
Kevin Aylesworth, area sales manager
Kevin Aylesworth
Ryan Belford, area sales manager
Ryan Belford
Jon Walters, area sales manager
Jon Walters
Anthony Malatesta, area sales manager
Anthony Malatesta
Ryan Bedford, area sales manager
Ryan Gavin

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