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People are talking about what we’re doing in the world of laser therapy. From being featured as a top new product to success stories and community outreach, here’s what they’re saying.
Dynamic Chiropractic

Class 4 Laser Therapy for a Rotator-Cuff Injury: Case Study

Rotator-cuff injuries are a common cause of shoulder pain and functional impairment. Various treatment modalities are available to manage these injuries, with class 4 laser therapy emerging as a promising non-invasive option. This case study explores the application of class 4 laser therapy in the rehabilitation of a patient with a rotator-cuff injury, analyzing its effectiveness, safety and implications for clinical practice.
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Summus Medical Laser Unveils New Website Featuring Complete Rebrand

Summus Medical Laser, the leading innovator in the laser therapy industry, has launched a new website with a complete rebranding effort. The new site showcases a modern, user-friendly interface, that allows visitors to easily explore Summus Laser’s wide range of laser products and resources.
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The science and promise of Photobiomodulation

100 million adults in the US are affected by chronic pain; $504 billion per year health care cost and lost productivity associated with pain!
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US Innovation

A Historic Step For PBM

The briefing was a historic step for PBM, moving the conversation forward as members of congress were shown stories by members of the public on how PBM had impacted them and enabled them to live a life free from opioids.
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Citizen Oversight


On October 24, President Donald Trump signed the Opioid Crisis Response Act (OCRA) into law. Dozens of bills designed to address the diverse aspects of the opioid crisis were consolidated into one strategic and integrated approach. OCRA received overwhelming bi-partisan support in both Chambers.
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Guided Solutions Names Summus Medical Laser Top 5 Innovator with The Horizon Laser System

Summus Medical Laser, the leader in Class IV Therapeutic Lasers, today announced the company has been selected as a Top 5 Innovator by Guided Solutions with their international debut of The Horizon Laser System at COMPAMED/MEDICA 2020.
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Named one of the top 100 products in the dental industry for 2021.

Featuring the company’s exclusive On Call technology to allow users to directly access a concierge-style service at the touch of a button, the new Horizon dental laser is described as the first-of-its-kind [...]
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