Life Changing, Earth Shattering Results

Our patients and providers speak about the benefits and healing power of Summus lasers.

Provider Testimonials

“Training and support have been great. The team is accessible and ready to answer questions and provide support when needed. Many questions are answered by the booklets and videos on the device.”

Kristine Lamana, D.C.

“The On Demand program allowed me the opportunity to bring in the laser at no cost and build a program that patients benefited from and also generate additional revenue.”

Henry Jenkins, D.C.

“The training and marketing teams are great to work with. The training program is well put together and there are dozens of videos for additional support.”

Jake Murray, D.C.

“I have had amazing success, beyond expectation, with several patients in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia and various forms of secondary trigeminal neuropathies. I am happy to report that I have reproducible protocols for these conditions and I’m teaching my residents and interested colleagues.”

Ali Makki, D.M.D.

Patient Testimonials

“I am giving this laser 5* after one treatment. Long story short… after breast lift/reduction, I had a large open wound where stitches separated from pressure/previous scar tissue. In just ONE treatment my wound is 50% healed in 24 hours. Literally amazing. My wound was about 2 to 3 inches in diameter. I am anxiously awaiting my next treatment.” 

Katy N.

“It was a life saver. I was in incredible pain and had numbness and tingling. It was totally gone and has not returned. It took only 5 short pain free treatments!!!” 

Kimberly G.

“Your laser has literally saved my life! After 11 assorted spine surgeries and 3 total left knee replacements I can breathe again thanks to your laser.”

Mr. Inglis

“Within hours I had regained at least 60% mobility with no pain. Five days later I returned for the second laser treatment and was amazed that within two hours of the treatment I had regained 100% mobility without pain. The next morning I did my daughter’s hair without crying.” 

Jill B.