Our patients and providers speak about the benefits and healing power of Summus lasers.

Rex Burruss was treated for complications arising after a massive heart attack. Listen to his extraordinary story.

“I am giving this laser 5* after one treatment. Long story short… after breast lift/reduction, I had a large open wound where stitches separated from pressure/previous scar tissue. In just ONE treatment my wound is 50% healed in 24 hours. Literally amazing. My wound was about 2 to 3 inches in diameter. I am anxiously awaiting my next treatment.” 

Katy N.

“Within hours I had regained at least 60% mobility with no pain. Five days later I returned for the second laser treatment and was amazed that within two hours of the treatment I had regained 100% mobility without pain. The next morning I did my daughter’s hair without crying.” 

Jill B.

“It was a life saver. I was in incredible pain and had numbness and tingling. It was totally gone and has not returned. It took only 5 short pain free treatments!!!” 

Kimberly G.

“Your laser has literally saved my life! After 11 assorted spine surgeries and 3 total left knee replacements I can breathe again thanks to your laser.”

Mr. Inglis