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Photobiomodulation (PBM) is a light therapy that uses red and near infra-red light to induce photochemical reactions in the body on the molecular and cellular levels. Summus Medical Laser protocols combine wavelengths, pulsing and power to achieve unparalleled therapeutic effects including modulation of inflammation, reduction in pain, accelerated tissue healing and increased circulation.
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Pain Reduction

Our state-of-the-art Class IV therapy lasers deliver targeted, non-invasive treatment, providing swift pain relief for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain conditions, enabling them to regain mobility and improve their quality of life.

Enhanced Tissue healing

Our lasers promote accelerated tissue repair by stimulating cell regeneration at the molecular level, expediting recovery and minimizing downtime for patients, ensuring faster healing for a wide range of injuries and post-operative recovery.

Increased circulation

With our advanced laser therapy devices, medical professionals can improve blood flow and oxygenation to affected areas, facilitating nutrient delivery and waste removal, thereby enhancing tissue vitality and reducing healing time.

Reduced inflammation

Our Class IV therapy lasers effectively target inflamed tissues, triggering a natural anti-inflammatory response that helps reduce swelling, ease discomfort, and promote quicker patient recovery.

650 nm

Targets superficial receptors
  • Accelerates surface healing
  • Increases cellular regeneration
  • Reduces antibiotic usage
  • Shortens healing time

810 nm

Targets mitochondria
  • Increases conversion of O2 to ATP
  • Accelerates cellular metabolism
  • Deepest tissue penetration
  • Stimulates immune system
Laser infographic of the Summus light therapy

915 nm

Targets hemoglobin
  • Doubled O2 delivery to tissues
  • Improves pain relief
  • Enhances healing effects

980 nm

Targets water in blood
  • Targets circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Decreases morbidity
  • Faster recovery
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