The first of its kind complete laser system that allows you to easily & affordablly integrate laser therapy into your practice. We partner with you to provide consistent, precise, reproducible results for your patients.

Programs Included: On Call, Performance Tracker, Neuropathy Treatment Center and Connect.

37,000+ Phased Protocols

Progressive Treatments

4 Wavelenghts + Independent Control

Usable Power

5 Hand Piece Optics + Automatic Optic Identification

Easy to Use + Visual Guidance

Best-In-Class Warranty

Not just a Class IV therapy laser, but also a technology platform that redefines the therapy laser industry. No other therapeutic laser can deliver usage metrics and tools on the laser interface to help your practice succeed with laser therapy.

Programs Included: Performance Tracker and On Demand.

1,300+ Phased Protocols

Usable Power

4 Wavelengths

Easy to Use

Best-In-Class Warranty

5 Hand Piece Optics

With a lightweight yet sturdy design, the H1 delivers powerful results and simple operation. It’s built on our advanced Android platform so that you can easily and quickly select an expert treatment protocol that will get your patients healing better, faster.

165 Phased Protocols

Usable Power

3 Wavelengths

Easy to Use

Best-In-Class Warranty

Portable & Sturdy

“It more than pays for itself every month, and I haven’t even really advertised it. My patients love it!”

Dr. King D.C
King Chiropractic
Chelmsford, MA