World Class Training From
Industry Leading Experts

Your practice deserves cutting edge technology and the training to learn how to use it. Optimize your use of the best laser in the business with initial, ongoing, and next level training courses through Summus Laser.

Initial Training

Start your therapeutic laser journey with live interactive and hands on training where you will learn about using the laser including:

▪ Navigation System
▪ Treatment Guidance
▪ Clinical Applications
▪ Safety Protocols
▪ Patient Education
▪ Treatment Protocols & Pricing

Summus also provides additional resources to prepare you and your staff:

▪ Online certification course for all staff members
▪ The Little Red Book, our complete guide to laser therapy treatment protocols, applications and science
▪ Treatment example videos

On Going Training

With Summus On Call, training is at your finger tips. Whether you need a refresher or want to explore topics in depth we are here for you.

▪ New Staff
▪ Clinical Advice
▪ Special Treatment & Conditions

Next Level Training

Laser therapy is always evolving. Summus is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry by continuously providing our customers with advanced research on the trends and applications of laser therapy.

We offer:

  • Advanced training seminars conducted by our medical directors at locations throughout the U.S.
  • Clinical experts are available to answer any treatment questions
  • Webinars covering a range of topics on laser therapy
  • Speaking engagements at local and national industry events

“I was very impressed with the comprehensive aspect as well as the quality of the training. I feel confident I can implement this immediately and have great success!”

Laura Berry, D.C.
Chiropractic Healing Arts
Sebastopol, CA