The First Live Access Interactive Solution

Summus On Call exclusive technology allows you to directly access our concierge-style service at the touch of a button. Connect with our dedicated staff of knowledgeable laser therapy experts to answer clinical questions, schedule a training, access marketing & service support, and more. It couldn’t be easier!

Training Library

Access pre-recorded training and record your own trainings with Summus Laser Experts.

Contact Summus

Whether you want to call, mail, or email, all of our contact information can be found here.

Schedule Training

Use this button to schedule your own live training sessions.

Call Service

Need to speak to service ASAP? Connect with one touch to our friendly service department.

Call Now

Our Summus laser experts can answer your questions at the touch of a button.

Pay-per-treatment Program

Our On Demand pay-per-treatment program is designed to implement Class IV Laser Therapy into your practice, risk free and with no upfront expense. You receive the same equipment, training and resources that all of our Summus customers receive. It’s more than a free trial, it’s a partnership for success.


We train you and your staff to expertly use the laser to ensure successful implementation.

Receive P4

You receive a Platinum 4 therapy laser at no cost or long-term commitment

WIFI Connected Laser

You purchase treatments directly from the WIFI connected laser.

Quick Recovery Time

Your patients recover more quickly with laser therapy.

Real-time Performance

The Performance Tracker, included in the P4 and the Horizon, is an advanced practice management tool that will ensure your practice’s success with laser therapy. No other therapy laser can give you a real-time perspective on how you can better utilize the laser and maximize the return on your investment.

Track & Improve Your Performance

Display the number of treatments given

View your patient’s profile

Track & Improve Your Performance

Review the kind of treatments being administered

Calculate the revenue you are generating

Track & Improve Your Performance

See who is using the laser and for how long

Display the number of treatments given

The Drug-Free, Turn-Key Solution

Class IV laser therapy is a drug-free solution that is proven to be 90% effective at treating the symptoms of neuropathy. In order to leverage this growing market Summus Medical Laser™ offers Neuropathy Treatment Center, a proprietary, turn-key solution that can help you add as much as $25,000 of new revenue every month to your practice.

Neuropathy Protocols

Additional protocols designed specifically for treating patients with Neuropathy.

Marketing Materials

Promote your Neuropathy Treatment Center inside your practice by driving patient traffic.

Proven Business Plan

Developed by fellow doctors, industry experts and marketing specialists.

Diagnostic Tools

Accurately assess and treat neuropathy on day one.

Expert Training & Coaching

Gain patient buy-in, perform assessments and treat patients with confidence.

Seamless Integration With Your Practice Management Software 

Connect software, only available on the Horizon Laser System, helps you seamlessly integrate your new laser with any practice management software that accepts DICOM images! Imagine being able to track all of your laser patients in one place and to generate reports in a totally paperless environment. The days of missed charges and duplicate entries are over. Have your laser therapy workflow, and you practice, running smoother than ever, with Connect.

“The On Demand program is simple, easy to use, and the staff at Summus are excellent to work with. We will never go with anyone else.


Jacob Murray, M.S., B.S., C.S.P.S., Director
East Coast Chiropractic Inc.
Lewes, DE